David / Fraser

Lead front-end engineer

I’m a front-end developer living in London. I've made websites for Renault, National Trust, Virgin Atlantic, Premier League and Loveholidays. I’m passionate about quality code and design and excited about new technologies disrupting how we use the internet.

Email hi@davidfraser.co.uk

Projects I’ve played a key role in delivering


In 2016 David Fraser lead a team of front end developers to build a new adaptive mobile site and new booking flow. The websites create a fast and deceptively simple user experience based on an infinite combination of hotels, flights, payment plans and extras.

David Fraser works at Loveholidays as their Lead Front-end developer

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National Trust

Responsive website for National Trust with exciting layouts and colour combinations.

David Fraser worked on National Trust whilst at DigitasLBi

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Infiniti Car Configurator

An interactive car configurator for Infiniti that works on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Works across the Infiniti car range showcasing every available combination as a 3D model.

David Fraser worked on Infiniti whilst at DigitasLBi

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Virgin Atlantic

Adaptive desktop and mobile websites for the famous airline, including flight selection and booking flow.

Best Airline Website at Travolution Awards 2014 voted by The Sun readers

David Fraser worked on Virgin Atlantic whilst at DigitasLBi

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DigitasLBi Marketing Cloud

Browser based applications that present big data in an easy to digest format allowing insights into how high-street brands compare on social media and wider web.

David Fraser worked on Marketing Cloud whilst at DigitasLBi

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Browser based application and iOS “emulator” that allows anyone to make an app in minutes using their Facebook account or by answering a few questions. 100,000 apps have been built by this and similar tools by Mippin.

David Fraser worked on Appsme whilst at Mippin

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A suite of “App builders” that allow anyone to make a cross-platform mobile app and mobile optimised website based on their RSS feeds. Some apps were HTML5 based but were indistinguishable from native equivilents.

BlackBerry Achievement Awards Finalist 2013, AOP Digital Publishing Awards Finalist 2012, Most Effective Mobile Publishing Solution 2011, Nokia Innovation Excellence Award 2010

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In development


A personal project available on Github. Rethinking how we build websites. Looking into ways of improving content and enforcing best-practices whilst making websites simpler to manage and maintain.

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Non development

When I’m not developing I enjoy designing, especially brand and user experience design. Examples include working with Mippin’s Creative Director on the Appsme brand and user journey and brand identity for PA Me.

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Get in touch

If you’d like to learn more then please send me an email

Email hi@davidfraser.co.uk